Panggung Latihan

  • Panggung Latihan are available for student especially Urus Setia Kesenian Pelajar to conduct training with the Trainer and team. It also suitable for conducting traditional dancing traning, vocal training and other suitable training.
  • Panggung Latihan also able to include around 30 people per session for undergoing suitable program such as workshop or training courses.

Panggung Rakaman

  • Panggung Rakaman contain vocal recording equipment and able to place around 10 people per session.
  • Panggung Rakaman has been upgraded and now has achieve a standard which on par with other recording studio.

Galeri Seni

  • Galeri Seni Pusat Kebudayaan USIM has start operated since June 2008 in conjuction with the transfer of Bangunan Hal Ehwal Pelajar sementara to Bangunan tetap Hal Ehwal Pelajar in May 2008
  • Since then, it has been a location to be visited by visitor inside and outside of USIM especially if they wanted to get the information about Art and Culture in USIM.
  • Galeri Seni also act as the reference center which contain various of visual and written documentation about Cultural Art program inside and outside of University.